Oh, Hello!

Well, hello there!

My name is Andria & I’m so glad you have found yourself here.

I used to believe that life was about making mistakes and living with them, about messiness and feeling perpetually unfulfilled, about searching and never finding and about feeling constantly restless. I wasn’t miserable, I just didn’t know any other way. Until I did.

This blog is about those ways — it is about providing inspiration to live our biggest, boldest, most bad-ass-est lives. It’s about accepting that we are a divine people of a Universe so powerful there is literally nothing we can’t do. And it’s about not doing any of it alone.

Now-a-days I believe that enjoying life does not need to be difficult. I believe in wild dreams, in going where the wind blows, in ever-evolving and elevating ourselves and I believe in a world-wide tribe of Love that encourages us to make it all happen.

If this is your first time here you might find these top posts a helpful place to get acquainted:

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About me: I currently live in Vancouver, BC, Canada and am a cloudy West Coast girl at heart. With that said, I have no intention of staying here and every time I travel somewhere new I look at real estate. I am an Instagram-obsessed idealist, a too-fast driver, a frequent bubble bath taker, a wife (his name is Steve), and once upon a time I worked for Disney World, so you can trust me when I say Magic is real.

5 Favorite Things: The highest heels, a good charcuterie board, black on black on black, amazing quality candles & cheesy horror movies.

5 Favorite Eccentricities: Wearing false eyelashes on Mondays, running in the rain, eating green olives as a meal, mandatory matching of toe & fingernail polish & drinking caffeine well past bed time.

5 Favorite Specifics: Stevie Nicks, Tom Robbins, Hunter S. Thompson, Ryan Bingham & Johnny Depp

I look forward to meeting you!

xo, A


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