Words For A Recovering World


Have you ever woken up in the middle of something horrifying?

Perhaps your parents shook you awake in the early hours of the morning as the World Trade Towers fell, one after another. Maybe it was the moment the breaks slammed on and you came to just in time to see the car in front of you collide with your front bumper. You may have been called to evacuate in the middle of the night as the alarm went off, as the forest fire crept across the river, as the mud slide crashed through the neighbors home, as the Tsunami sirens blared, as the ground beneath you shook . . .

What did it feel like? The moment the switch flipped between peaceful ignorance and violent reality? Were you excited? Paralyzed? Numb? Sick? Roused to action?

If you hadn’t had that experience before last Tuesday, November 8th, that now may have changed. So how did you react to the news of America’s new President Elect? Were you excited? Paralyzed? Numb? Sick? Roused to action?

It is beyond me and my place to comment on the political nature of things that do not belong to me. Primarily because I would not do so from an educated place. I can and will only speak of what I know, and what I know is that to not speak of the awakening many of us received on Tuesday is to remain asleep. A slumber that is no longer peaceful and innocent, but passive and protective.

The last thing the world needs right now is for more barriers, so while I don’t know how to stop them from going up I am aware of the necessity we have to continue tearing them down.

As Dave Chappelle so appropriately pointed out on SNL last Saturday night, there is still hope. Despite what it may have looked like on the morning of November 9th, we still have that. And we are the lucky ones — because despite that being the only thing we need, we have more than that. We have hope, yes, but we also have spirit. We are crushed, we are not trampled.

So my hope, for you, is that over the past couple of weeks you have found things to look to in order to be reminded that we are down, but not out.

Here are some of the articles/artworks/messages I continue to turn to for that call to action:

MICHAEL MOORE on the morning after


GALA DARLING being just as bad ass feminine as ever

DANIELLE LAPORTE on being of service and faithful listening

LEO BABAUTA on compassion in the midst of madness

KIO STARK on talking to strangers

MARIA POPOVA on the power of poetry

MARY OLIVER on the chance to love everything

& LEONARD, on life.

What are you turning to for light and love these days?

And will you share them so we can all turn towards it together?

xo, A

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