In Which Netflix Reminds Me To Do More Good

I’m the sort of person who is easily influenced into wanting more for my life.

I‘ll be honest, I want quite a lot for it to begin with — not, like, PowerBall a lot, but still — I want the Freedom, I want the Love, I want the Grace, but then I also want little human things like adventure, good quality underwear and the ability to run a marathon with a finishing time that qualifies for Boston (OK, maybe I just want to want that last one.)

But still, like Ariel in the Little Mermaid, I want mooooooooore. And I’m reminded of this at really ridiculous moments.

For example, the movie Twister influences me to want more from my life. I don’t know why — something about all of that chasing tornadoes stuff really gets me going. Maybe I want to save people’s lives by risking my own? It’s beyond me. But it gives me that feeling.

So does, as of late, the Netflix series Making a Murderer. I know, I know. I’m a month behind. Life has been busy. I was, however, blessed with two sick days this past week and as I huddled up in the corner of my couch moaning about my luck, it seemed like the right thing to turn on.


I have never been so emotionally distraught in my life — and I once had my heart broken over a bowl of cotton candy ice cream. ICE CREAM!!!!

I want to do something. I wouldn’t know what to do — but that poor little kid Brendan just breaks my heart. Plus, anger. So much anger — at people who (maybe?) do disgusting things and at the justice system that obviously doesn’t have all their s*&% together.

Of course, in the case of Mr. Avery and all the other weird stuff that’s happening in the justice systems of the world, I can’t do much. Not because I’m a negative Nancy and don’t believe one person can make a difference, but because it isn’t my passion, I haven’t dedicated my time to learning how one makes a difference in those circumstances if they really wanted to, I don’t have that set of skills.

But it does act as a reminder that there are injustices happening all over the world — not just in countries far away and supported by World Vision, but right here in our very backyard.

It is no secret that the keys to a fulfilled life are community, love and justice, but occasionally we need a reminder that we need all of those things to really make a go of it.

I don’t think — for me — that justice comes in the form of chasing tornadoes (although, how fun), or in the form of working to free people from wrongful conviction, but it comes in the form of something.

And as embarrassing as it is to admit, yet again Netflix reminds me of something integral to the human journey.

Let us use 2016 to fulfill ourselves with something other than ourselves. Let’s find the causes that make us angry, make us frightened, make us sad — and let’s find what we can do about them.




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