The Meaning of Easter, According to Bieber

Honestly, apart from a handful or 12 of Cadbury mini eggs and a heated discussion surrounding why it wasn’t ecumenically correct to order palm branches from South America I can truly say that Easter didn’t really exist in my life this year up until I watched the roast of Justin Bieber.

I know those two things seem completely unrelated or maybe even a little sacrilegious, but as always I’m going to ask you to stick with me for a minute. You can read this week’s InfoNews column HERE and learn all about why the Biebs was the reason for the seas this year.

In other news, A&F has been taking a breather because I needed it. I’m working on tons of fun creative brain children right now, so I’ll be back in a jiffy, but in the mean time — if you haven’t noticed — I write this column every week (it comes out on Mondays) so you can always pop over to to scan the archives.





Image // Vlada Roslyakova in Numero Tokyo


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  • I’m really hoping you guys take him back someday. I didn’t see his end speech, though I did see most of it, and I know I shouldn’t judge, but I do. I like to think he has the syndrome that many people in his situation have had. Early fame in the teens syndrome. If you are groomed and bred from a young age, you basically lose your childhood, so in a sense once you make it to your 20’s, you start acting like a child/teen. IE Micheal Jackson and his Wonderland, Britney Spears and her shaved head year, Miley Virus and her whatever she is, and Biebs now with his early 20’s rebellion. Eventually they will grow up, but they have been stunted by the early fame. I should be a psychologist.

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