Another Warhol on the Wall

I‘m not an art person.

I failed an art history class. Messed up a stick man. Tried once to make a hand-turkey for Thanksgiving and sucked at it. Saw the Mona Lisa and didn’t even bother to contemplate her smile . . . Art (in the painting/drawing/picture sense) is just not my thing.

I will analyse every last word Ginsberg chose to put on paper, but do I care why someone chose turquoise over cerulean? Not really. I’m sure it was inspired though.

Alas, despite all of this, I went to a showing of Andy Warhol originals and — for the first time in probably ever — I got something out of it.

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Image // Mark Lovejoy

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  • I’ve never understood art “experts” who is to say whether your art is good or bad? It’s just you. Something as unique and multi-faceted as you are 🙂 I’ve never seen any of Warhol’s work in person but I’m sure it’s great!

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