Foregoing the spotlight

Everyone just calm down, alright? I’m not pregnant.

I did, however, get secretly married this weekend. & because I didn’t have time to think of anything other than saying “I do” (which wasn’t actually as scary as I thought it might be), I wrote my column about it.

There was no special treatment, no people trying to give us advice and no cold feet. I didn’t manage to lose ten pounds in 15 days, but that didn’t matter.

Instead, I got to spill barbeque sauce on my dress and wipe my nose on my dad’s flannel shirt. I got to fist pump a la Judd Nelson before the ceremony was over. I got to change into blue jeans, fill both my cheeks with M&M’s and we got to cut our first dance short because we didn’t remember music won’t stream in the middle of nowhere.  What mattered was that we got to enjoy it.

You can read the full column HERE.

Much love & extra happiness,


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