What happens in Vegas …


Last Saturday morning Steve and I ditched the glistening waters of The Saguaro in sunny Palm Springs and packed up our rented Camaro in search of adventure and slot machines. [Read: Him, slot machines. Me, adventure.]

We drove through the Mojave desert, encountered a man cycling through it like a crazy person, had two or three panic attacks, got sunburned through the window, accidentally stumbled upon Route 66, bought a road map, ate melted trail mix, refreshed our memory of how to treat a rattlesnake bite, took several wrong turns that all looked like right ones despite aforementioned road map which we never opened and — eventually — parked in the 7 story garage of the Flamingo hotel on the Las Vegas strip.

Then I had, like, twenty more panic attacks because Vegas is straight up F’d. It didn’t take me long to feel better though, because tequila.

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  • I have a problem with Vegas too. If you don’t like to gamble or like to get overloaded and underwhelmed at the same time, you go to Vegas. Every Casino is the same and that are just blend into each other.

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