In which I blame Adam & Eve for FOMO


Did you guys know that Adam and Eve were the first people to really experience FOMO?

At least, I think I’ve made a pretty compelling argument surrounding the case. A couple Thursdays ago, when I posted THERAPY, one of my links was to the most amazing Jimmy Fallon clip in history, and this week for my InfoNews column I look into that a bit more.

Is it really a fear of missing out, or is it a fear of knowing we missed out.

You decide. Mostly I just wanted to start a new hashtag.

#GTFOFOMO. You can read it HERE.





Image // BuzzFeed

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  • I definitely have the fear all the time. That is why I never want to go to bed. Because I just might miss something and it will most certainly happen at 11:07 pm PST if I go to sleep.

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