Spice World: Why we need a sequel

Holy SMOKES — it’s 2015, you guys.

I don’t even know where the time went, but I’m excited about it. While I don’t necessarily believe you need to wait until a certain date/time/occurrence to make the changes you think are going to between you (see HERE), I do think January gives us an extra shot of the kool-aid when it comes to jumping on our own bandwagons. It’s a happening time.

It’s also the time to seriously make those changes if you’ve been waiting and waiting for whatever reason. Which is why I’ve decided the Spice Girls need to make a sequel to Spice World.

Not sold? You can read my reasonings in this week’s InfoNews column, HERE.

As for resolutions? I’d like to start loving up on Anchors & Freedom again. Because I miss you guys.



  • I’ve never liked the bandwagon improving myself thing. I am down with your resolution to blog on here more though.

    • WOOT! I can always count on you to jump on the A&F bandwagon. That is why I am not bitter.

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