Productive Procrastinating

We all know the routine.  You sit down to write a research paper and automatically log in to your facebook page to update your status with “writing a research paper, weee all nighter!” You then get 15 comments, which you of course respond to individually and before you know it, it’s 3:30 am and you’ve wasted your Redbull on hyperactivly “liking” everyone elses status and your research paper hasn’t gotten past “To a great extent the affect of the”. 

Or, respectively, you sit down to write said research paper and notice your desk is dirty.  You clean it, because you can’t write your paper on a dirty desk.  You then clean the rest of your room: from organizing your Betsey Johnson dresses by color to dusting the pages of your paperbacks…individually.  Yes, procrastination is something every student knows well.  We all tell ourselves that next time we’ll get a head start but let’s face it, most of the time we don’t print out the final copy until the day of.

My lady-friend, Victoria, has for this reason decided to go Facebook free for the Month of March.  She deleted it entirely and I’m very proud.  I deleted it off of my phone and even this has made a difference so I can’t imagine what the whole ‘cold turkey’ routine is like.  She’s also alcohol and meat free this month though, so maybe Facebook is the least of her worries?  Anyways, she sent me a text the other day saying that she wrote a list of 35 things that she could do to “productively procrastinate” as opposed to chatting with the world over social networking sites and I begged her to email it to me so I could share it with all of you.

Victoria’s Other ways of Procrastination- better than creeping on friends and strangers through the world of Facebook.

  1. Read a textbook
  2. Read a novel
  3. Do the dishes, vacuum the floor
  4. Organize my closet
  5. Give things to good-will
  6. Go to yoga (march 30 day yoga challenge)
  7. Go outside
  8. Take a bath, deep condition my hair, shave my legs
  9. Find a new recipe online- March is meat free
  10. Make said recipe
  11. Go to the gym.  Run 5K. Track how long it takes u each time. Sign up for the Sun Run
  12. Pack (6 weeks till Florida)
  13. Add something newly inspirational to inspiration board
  14. Take a photograph
  15. Organize medicine cabinet, throw old drugs and broken eye shadow  away
  16. Call my mom
  17. Say a positive affirmation
  18. Write a To-Do list. Ensure you add things you have already completed, items crossed off make me feel good
  19. Re-evaluate your short and long term goals.
  20. Make your bed
  21. Watch an Oscar winning movie
  22. Spy on your neighbours complete with a Harriet the Spy notebook
  23. Buy a new pair of shoes, try on everything in your closet that matches them
  24. Add to gratitude journal
  25. Finish reading book on feng shui and rearrange furniture to promote creativity.
  26. Make a pot of tea
  27. Erase old numbers out of my cell phone
  28. Actually visit friends
  29. Listen to my entire record collection, make notes of 1 favourite song from each album buy on itunes, add to ipod
  30. Meditate, sit in silence
  31. Pick up stuff off the floor, shoes, books, last night’s clothes
  32. Write my weekly manifestation, in my day planner check off each thing, each day.
  33. Stretch, do Jumping Jacks, lunges, push ups or sit ups
  34. Write a note, or copy a quote- add to journal
  35. Read Anchors & Freedom <3- love your friends


I love this list almost as much as I love her (especially number 22) & I thought that it might inspire some of you amazing readers to venture out of your comfortable procrastination boxes and do something that will not only make you feel productive, but also like you’ve still put off doing that research paper.

Thanks to Vicky for letting me put her list up here and thanks to Facebook for allowing us to delete our accounts and re-add them without having to re-add all of our old friends!

xo & yw

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